Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dispelling the harmful rumors

Attention, loving readers: Recently I had an exchange with a reader of this blog, wherein he commented,

"that shit is not a blog man"

Nothing could be further from the truth! Hearing this distressed me greatly, and I began to wonder if I had not sufficiently indicated that this was, in fact, a blog. Could he have possibly overlooked the blog status update (post #1), where we provided a definitive update regarding the status of this blog? Did he misinterpret post #2, in which the answer to the titular question (of what is a blog) was shown to be "this"? Did he neglect to comprehend the conclusion extrapolated from the debate "On whether or not this is a blog" (post#3), which culminated in the moving realization that it is? Did he scroll too fast to notice the title of this blog? And, even without all of the above information, was he incapable of deducing its nature from its URL, blogspot.com, a known spot for blogs?

Because there seems to have been some confusion, let me distill the essence of this blog into one simple but elegant theme: this is a blog. It has always been a blog (with the exception of the aforementioned lapse in blogginess that was recorded in the previous blog post), and we can hope that it will always be a blog. Nothing could be more personally offensive to the makers of this blog than a reader coming away from it with false impressions. In fact, we have tried as hard as we can to make it impossible for a critical reader to analyze this as anything other than a blog! The one conclusion, the one criticism, that we can simply not accept is that this is not a blog. I mean, how thick do you have to be to have read this blog and actually not realize that it is a blog?

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